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Maxther’s help plans for Maxperts

As a Maxpert, you will get access to our full list of help plans that are there to help you, the Maxpert plan a better, unforgettable and the experience of a life time for the guests.

Click on the video on the right to see what the help plans are about!

Our help plans are split into 3 different phrases (Before, During, After) experiences so that you can understand and decide, which are the areas that you would need our Maxnions (people who works at Maxther are known as Maxnions) to help you with. The phrases are as below:

We have got Part A, B and C of the help plans that are specifically meant for issues that you might encounter prior to the experience.

Part A- Information Technology (IT)

Heck, I may know how to cook like a pro here but IT is just not my thing! How do I get my experience posted up in the first place? No fear ‘cause Maxther is here! Our Maxnions will help you with listing process and may even arrange a face to face time to get it done!

Part B- Language (English)

English is not your first language? Got problem translating your local language into English? Maxnions will get it done for you!

Part C- Professional photos/video service

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Your experience listing should have some fantastic photos/videos to appeal to people who are booking your experience. Do not have an eye for great photos? Leave it to our Maxnions!

Part D and Part M, our star module is meant for Before as well as During the experience process.

Part D- Admin (Budget, logistics, banking)

How much to budget for? Where do I get the logistics to run the experience? My area does not even have a bank nearby let alone own a bank account! So how am I going to be paid?

Maxther has designed a system which will allow Maxperts to do out their budgets, help with logistics arrangements and even have a local payment system if getting paid by PayPal via bank transfers is a no go for you. We make sure that you are not left out at all and plan your experience with all the savings possible and available.

Part M

Design and Action (Star Module)

Are you at a lost at how to create a local and unique experience for anyone?

Maxter’s maxnions will provide you with the consultancy and advice to help you plan and put to action a unique experience that will be unforgettable for anyone!
  • Let us know what are your passions/skills/expertise and we will help you to put together THE experience of a life time for someone.

  • We’ll run through the itinerary sequence and all the little bits of details that make your experience THE experience.

  • Most importantly, when you receive your first guest for THE experience, we’ll be there for you while you make the first run. How cool is that?

Part E- Review and Assess

No one bothers to try out your experience? Not even clicking on your experience listing? You do not know know what is going on with your low conversion rates?

At Maxther, we are committed to all our Maxperts to help them make it work, so if your experience listing is not getting any conversion rates, we will look into your listing in detailed to help you troubleshoot. We would even offer your listing to be feature on our homepage so that we can create more awareness for your experience. Maxther is created to help everyone to access to alternative opportunities and we will make it work for you.

With all these parts, we have put together 3 unique help plans:



Yes, as it says, it means you want it all and everything. Yes, we will provide all the parts that we have made available as above.



We put together Part C (Photos/Videos), D (Admin), F (Review and Assess) as up your game plan. Sometimes, you just need another pair of eyes to look at your experience listing and hey, presto! It becomes a new and happening experience for anyone!



You know exactly where you want us to help. So go ahead and let us know which part you want and we give it to you! Easy pesy!

And that’s not all, folks! In the pipeline, we have a few more parts to add on for our help plans. While all these help plans are still available on a foc basis, why not become our Maxpert and experience the difference today?

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