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What is Maxther?


  • are a revolutionary travel experience platform that focused on South-east Asia or ASEAN only
  • are tech nerds and travel addicts, seeking to combine travel with technology that allows anyone to create a local experience for anyone based on your passion, interests, skills and most importantly have loads of fun and earn a living out of it
  • verify all sellers aka. Maxperts and extend help plans to Maxperts who need it to help create the best possible experience for anyone

How does Maxther work?

Our audience outreach range from the local individuals who are passionate about certain things in their lives to small and medium sized entities that run unique and interesting travel experiences. We verify them and curate their products to feature them on our platform. Maxther also have unique help plans to help better the products that are featured on our online platform.

We believe in:

  • Listing of authentic travel experiences
  • Thorough verification process of Maxperts
  • Having customised help plans to Maxperts
  • Safe, authentic, best in class travel experiences can be create and made available to everyone

Why is Maxther different?

We want to ensure on quality experiences rather than run of the mill type of experiences and we care about what our Maxperts post! Best of all, if we feel that it can be improve further, we will not hesitate to tell you our quirky ideas for your experience posting, for example, How about learning how to flip a prata for real instead of just eating? PS: Prata is an Indian cuisine that you need to flip it a few times before cooking.

How do you ensure quality?

Quality control is done by testing the experiences personally, ensuring safety processes are in place, checking of licenses validity and acting on negatives reviews immediately. There are also random checks conducted during the conduct of experiences to ensure same quality of experiences are being held. Maxther’s help plans are in place to ensure safety, authenticity, fulfilling and rewarding experiences each time and every time.

Who are your hosts or otherwise known as Maxperts?

Our experiences and tours providers are quality tour agencies, operators and professional individuals who are skilled in the particular area of interest. We work with businesses, professionals, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs or basically anyone who seeks to maximise visitors experiences in their homeland, while maximising their free time for alternative income opportunities.

Is Payment platform safe?

All payments are through the PayPal platform and rest assured that all payment details will not be disclosed to any 3rd parties. Our maxperts will only have your email and contact numbers so that they are able to contact you on the day itself for the experience in case they cannot locate you at the pre arranged site meet up.

Most importantly, should there be issues such as no show by the Maxperts or experiences are short changed and not run according to the itinerary as given, we will arrange for the necessary refunds. Do remember that you will definitely have to immediately report to us when it happens (not a week later ok?)

I have encountered a system error! There is some problem with your website!

Please kindly email to us with a screenshot and explanation on the error to help@maxther.com

Are Maxperts safe and trustworthy?

Before an experience is listed, we will conduct an initial phone or video interview and in some cases, meet the Maxpert in person. Social checks are also in place to ensure that Maxperts are who they said they are. We also rely on our personal and professional contacts made during our more than 30years of travel experiences in ASEAN to ensure safety and authenticity in the experiences.

If guests and Maxperts enter into an agreement with each other without Maxther as an intermediary, Maxther will not assume liability for anything that happens at an experience.

Does Maxther provide liability waiver for guests?

By booking an experience with Maxther, you bear any risks like a regular traveller.

How do I book an experience?

Just click on book it when viewing the offer. As the availability calendar is shown, all our experiences are instant booking/confirmation at time of booking.

Do I need to bring the booking voucher along?

Nope! All you have to do is to present a screen display of your booking voucher details to the Maxpert. We are tech nerds and we want to save the trees too.

How can I contact the Maxpert of my tour or activity?

Once the payment details had been completed, a booking confirmation voucher is sent to you containing contact details. The supplier has your details as well in case he or she needs to contact you on the day itself.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel a confirmed booking by contacting Maxther immediately. We will perform any refunds in accordance with the cancellation policy as per the experience booked. Pls refer to our T&Cs

My travel group does not meet the minimum number of pax requirement for the experience. Can I still book it?

Do email to us at help@maxther.com stating the experience code number and title and we will advise if there are any additional payment that is required. However, please bear in mind that some of the experiences require a minimum number of pax to conduct and hence you may not be able to book it.

I wish to book a private tour for my group. How can I do that? My group size is bigger than what the experience can accommodate. What can I do?

Please send us an email to customise@maxther.com and we’ll be able to customise a tour for your group.

Why can’t I find experiences in the destinations I’m going to?

Maxther is working city by city to get you the best experiences in each destination. If there is a place you are interested in finding an experience in ASEAN, please email us at customise@maxther.com and we will do our best to find you something.

I contacted the Maxpert after booking confirmation, but there was no response. What should I do?

Sometimes, the Maxpert in concern maybe conducting the activity so do give them a couple of days to revert back to you. In case they do not, do email us at help@maxther.com with your booking ID so that we can assist you.

The Maxpert I booked with is unable to show up and he got someone else to do the experience instead. What should I do?

In unexpected circumstances such as illness or emergencies, it is possible that the Maxpert you’ve booked may not be able to show up. Maxther asks that every Maxpert makes arrangements for such circumstances in order not to disappoint our customers and that experiences are not compromised.

What happens if the Maxpert is a no-show?

We recommend that you try to call the Maxpert using the contact number you have been provided in your booking confirmation. If you are unable to reach the provider, please contact us immediately at our emergency phone number +65  8668 7218 so we can assist you.

Why do we call our hosts/people who list on our website, Maxperts?

We named our hosts, Maxperts because they are the local Experts and we come in the help them MAXimise the local experience for you! Hence, the term Maxpert is born.

How do I list my experiences?

First of all, you would need to sign up so please click [here]!

After that, fill in your profile details, click on the Maxpert tab that is under your profile photo and select experiences and start adding your experience! It is a step by step screen and all you need to do is get ready a nice banner photo for your experience page, additional photos and details about your experience, pricing, itinerary flow, what sort of logistics that you provide or need the guest to bring along and you be on the way!

After confirming all your details, click ‘submit’ and it be send to us for review! We promised to get back to you within a week after your posting but do bear with us if we take a little longer than usual at times as there might be many postings that requires us to clear.

How can Maxther help me?

Have a passion but do not know how to make it into an interesting experience for someone? That’s why Maxther is created in the first place! We have put in place all our help plans to help you, the Maxpert to make it happen for just about anyone in your homeland. Contact max@maxther.com and we will get our nify maxnion to help you with your listing.

How is payment made to me?

You will need to register for a paypal account and key in the email that you registered in paypal on your profile so that payment can be transferred to you after the experience had been conducted. Don’t have paypal account? Click here to register for it now!

However, do note that payment for experiences that are conducted by 7th and 22nd each month would automatically be credited on 10th and 25th respectively. Yes, we pay on a bi-monthly basis so that you do not have to wait for a whole month for it!