Without having to jostle with throngs of tourists, one can easily explore historic Buddhism significances such as the iconic ShwedagonPaya in Yangon, thousands of stupas scattered across the Bagan plains and the miraculous KyaiktiyoPaya teetering precariously on the edge of a chasm in Mon State, or explore the architecture and history of Mandalay Palace where the last Burmese king resided.

Take alesser known tourist path and explore its wine industry. That’s right, Myanmar has its own wineries and it is actually a popular industry in the country. There is Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Late Wine and Inle Valley White Wine amongst a horde of other wines. Myanmar still retains its traditional values and culture despite undergoing monumental changes. Burmese men and women dressed in their traditional clothes, the longyi (similar to a sarong that is wrapped around the hip like a dress); wearing thanaka make-up (powder from grindedthanakawood); small children wearing holy thread around their neck or wrist for protection from bad spirits or spells; Buddhist devotees praying regularly at shrines and payas.

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