The name Brunei Darussalam means, “abode of peace”. Being the most observant Islamic nation in Southeast Asia, Brunei boasts majestic mosques. Visitors are welcome inside the mosques outside of prayer times and with proper dress. Its vast virgin rainforests and mangroves, relatively untouched by modern development, are teeming with wildlife that are otherwise rare in the neighbouring region, such as the Belalong Tree Frog and 35 other plant species that are only found in Brunei’s rainforests.

While Bruneians own many cars (Brunei has one of the highest car-ownership rates – roughly one car per every two people – in the world), you’ll be surprised that the next popular mode of transport is actually the boat; River taxis are the next popular transport to get in and out of Brunei. Pay a visit to Kampong Ayer, a water village where people have been living there for over 1300 years! Made up of small villages linked together by more than 29,140 m of footbridges, Kampong Ayer has over 4200 structures including homes, mosques, restaurants, shops, schools, and a hospital. 36 km of boardwalks connect these buildings. Despite their shabby looks from afar, the houses actually enjoy modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite television, Internet access, plumbing and electricity.

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