Vietnam is a heady mix of sights and sounds, from the abundant natural attractions, rural tribes, thriving crafts industry and colonial heritages to the buzz of motorbikes, lively marketplaces & neighborhood enclaves among its city mazes and skyscrapers. Thrill seekers will never run out of outdoor adventures and places to explore. Foodies are definitely in for a mouthwatering treat with healthy Vietnamese food. And one can go on a contemplative journey through its wartime past, relics and memorials.

Vietnam’s traffic, packed with motorcycles and cars, in its urban cities is a thing of wonder. So much so that crossing its congested roads becomes a popular research topic and daredevil act for tourists. Simple tips of crossing Vietnam’s city roads: 1) Observe the coming vehicles to estimate their movements. 2) Make eye contact with the motorcyclists before you attempt to cross in front of them. 3) Once you go, keep going straight, go steadily across the street and don’t hesitate. The biker/car drivers would automatically avoid going into you.

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