With its blend of diverseraces, cultures, languages and religions, Singapore has plenty to offer for a country of its size. Explore its modern city centre for exciting shopping scenes and innovative architectures. Or discover a whole different side of the city-state by exploring its cultural heritages, local food passion, nature reserves, organic farms, and rustic kampong lifestyles off the coast of the main island.

Do you know what are the most common sights in Singapore? That’s our public housing or the “HDB flats”, where more than 80% of Singaporeans live in. They are so integrated intothe typical Singaporean lives that getting a HDB flat as young couples is synonymous to being proposed / getting married in Singapore. Don’t be offended if someone speaks in a peculiar tongue while you wonder around Singapore. You may have heardSingaporeans speaking Singlish, a curious blend of English, Malay, Chinese dialects, Tamiland other languages. It is one of our most endearing Singapore identities; so much so it was celebrated during our 51st National Day.

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