Visit the laid-back Laos for a change from the more touristy Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Once called the land of a million elephants, Laos offers the quiet thrills; the amazing colors of autumn in LuangPrabang, river tubing in the gentle flows of the Nam Song River, the mysteries at the Plain of Jars and the oldest fossils in the world.Being a landlocked country doesn’t mean Laos has no good places with water. The great Mekong flows through Laos and is a major source of livelihood for the locals; Laos is also home to the KhonePhapheng waterfall, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia.

Plunge into real Laotian culture by living with the locals themselves. Laid back and hardworking, you’ll be humbled by their simple yet happy lifestyles and learn the real essence of being local. Be sure to lay back and enjoy some of Laos best coffees and beer called Beerlao – both are internationally renowned exports for the country; that’s how good Laos beverages are! Get some souvenirshopping done while you are at it as you won’t find a better deal anywhere else other than Laos. Visit the local market of VangVieng for some of its best products – textile, kitchenware, and even fresh food.

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