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We are locals living in Southeast Asia or otherwise known as ASEAN.

With a combined total of more than 30 years of travelexperiences within ASEAN and Technology skills, we seek to combine technology with travel experiences, making things possible for anyone, anywhere to create experiences through your passions, have loads of fun and earn a living out of it.

We are made up of tech nerds and travel addicts, brought up in this high tech world and constantly seeking new experiences elsewhere in our travels. When we discover new experiences and interact with the locals, we experienced a new kind of travel high.



Providing alternative opportunities

Previously, while on a community service trip to Vietnam, we were helping out at a local rural school for a few days, which by itself was a greatauthentic experience. At the end of the service, we went to a nice looking restaurant for dinner to end our hard work on a high note. Imagine oursurprise after we sat down on our dinner table; the same teacher whose school we have been helping, became our waitress at the table! She had travelled a good one hour from the village to the city, in order to take on this second job. We understand that there is a need for teachers to have a second job to supplement their income but it was truly a humblingexperience. Surely there can be a more meaningful second job that our teacher can take on? Can we help people to create a local experience to earn more income while also rewarding the guest? Perhaps a villageexperience? A humble meal and sharing session at the teacher’s home?


Connecting people through Maxther, sharing knowledge selflessly

We created Maxther with the main objectives to both help locals to maximise their resources and be connected globally for alternative opportunities, while allowing for tourists to maximise their travel experiences. However, anyone canconnect anyone. Without enough knowledge and experience, experiences created will not be meaningful and hence less or zero impact to all.

With this concern in mind, our customised help plans in Maxther were born. Through our customised help plans, Maxther aims to utilise our extensive experience and knowledge in Travel to help locals, be it rural communities or white collared professionals, to maximise their resources, establish their own experience itineraries, guide them on how to interact with travellers and connect them to a worldwide audience.


Safe, Authentic, Local, Rewarding experience for everyone

Anyone can create a local experience that is safe, authentic and have a direct impact for the locals for anyone. Be it based on your love for sports, food, hobbies, skills in traditional crafts or music; or in depth local knowledge of best food, creepiest environment, forgotten places, you can create an unforgettable local experience for a new friend. That’s what we believe in at Maxther and we are here to help you with that.

We know all about travel in ASEAN, rather ASEAN is our home ground. We want to help create the best possible ASEAN travel experience with and for you. All this through a safe, local and authentic environment.